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Curriculum vitae

Professor Paolo Vineis is Chair of Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College, London and he leads the Exposome and Health theme of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environmentand Health at Imperial College ( exposome-and-health).

He is also Head of the Unit of Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology at the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine (IIGM), Torino, Italy.

Prof. Vineis is a leading researcher in the fields of molecular epidemiology and exposomics. His latest research activities mainly focus on examining biomarkers of disease risk, complex exposures and intermediate biomarkers from omic platforms (including metabolomics and epigenetics) in large epidemiological studies as well as studying the effects of climate change on non-communicable diseases. He has over 930 publications (many as leading author) in journals such as Nature, Nature Genetics, Lancet, Lancet Oncology. He is a member of various international scientific and ethics committees (including the Committee of the US National Academy of Sciences on 21st Century Risk Assessment) and vice-chair of the Ethics Committee at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, WHO). He has been a member of the Scientific Council of IARC.

Professor Vineis has extensive experience in leading International projects. He has coordinated the European Commission funded EXPOsOMICS project (valued at €8.7m, between 2012-2017). He is currently coordinating the Horizon 2020-funded project LIFEPATH (valued at €6 million, started in 2015). He is a Principal Investigator/Co-investigator of numerous international research projects, such as the European Commission funded GENAIR, ECNIS2, Envirogenomarkers, Hypergenes, ESCAPE and Transphorm networks, in which he has led Work Packages. In addition, he has attracted grants from the Leverhulme Trust, MRC, Cancer Research UK, HuGeF Foundation and the US National Cancer Institute. He is the director of the Unit of Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, Italian Institute of Genomic Medicine (IIGM, formerly known as Human Genetics Foundation – HuGeF), Torino, Italy and leads the Exposome and Health theme of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health at Imperial College (

He has written several books, including philosophical books (such as "Nel crepuscolo della probabilita", Einaudi 1999; "Modelli di rischio", Einaudi, 1990) and “Health without Borders. Epidemics in the Era of Globalization”, Springer 2017 (see also


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CUCAcademic appointments 
1984-1990: Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, Post-doctoral School of Biometrics and Medical 
Statistics, University of Milano 
Since 1998: Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Torino 
Since 1998: Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics, School of Biotechnologies, University of Torino 
1999-2010: Head, Section of Epidemiology and Life Sciences, Foundation ”Institute for Scientific 
Since 2001: Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, J Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia 
University, New York 
Since 2004, Chair of Environmental Epidemiology, Imperial College, London, UK 
Since 2010: Head, Unit of Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, HuGeF Foundation, Torino 
Currently: Director of BSc Course - Global and Environmental Health, Imperial College London. 
Other appointments and honors 
1992-1994: President, Italian Association of Epidemiology 
Since 1995: member of the Advisory Group, Italian Section of the International Cochrane 
1995-1998: member of the Scientific Council, International Agency for Research on Cancer 
Since 2000 member of the Ethical Committee, College of Physicians, Torino 
Since 2000: member of the Advisory Board, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society 
2003 - Member of the scientific committee, Italian Association for Cancer Research 
2004 - Member of the Advisory Board, UK Molecular Epidemiology group 
2005 - Committee on carcinogenicity of chemicals of the UK Department of Health (COC). 
2007 – member, Consiglio Superiore di Sanità (Department of Health, Italy) 
2007 – member, Operational Committee Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College 
2008 – member, Ethics and Governing Council , UK Biobank, Wellcome Trust 
2008 – member, Scientific Advisory Board, Canceropole Paris Ile-de-France 
2009 – PI, Biomarkers section, MRC/HPA Centre for Environment and Health at ICL and King’s 
2010 – Vice-Chair, Ethical Committee, International Agency for Research on Cancer